Lab Cart Portfolio Display

When it came time to present a portfolio of my work my for my senior year at the School of Visual Arts, my decision to take three portfolio classes (Graphic Design, 3D Design and Video Art) presented a problem in how I would display the various mediums. I threw away the typical black portfolio case and decided I should use a lab cart complete with a video monitor playing my video work and a folder with printed examples of my design work surrounded by specimens of some of my 3D work. The best part about this was waking up at 5 am to wheel this full cart from Greenwich Village up to 34th street. No one was phased by a sleep deprived girl with wacked-out hair wheeling a lab cart up 6th Avenue, one of the most best memories of my life.   

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Portrait by the Great Kelly Keith ♥

Graphic designer, motion graphics artist, video editor, fine artist with a focus on growth, transformation, nature, magic, art and adventure.